SagePay Payment Gateway : Test Credit Cards

sagepayBefore your payment gateway can go live you must first complete a number of tests on the payement gateway system, this prerequisite also for SagePay Payment gateway. You may also want to test your own integration fully to ensure everything is working as expected before you put your account live.

Usually a payment gateway sandbox environment has its own credit cards set, which can be used to test your payment integration. Any real credit cards info will be rejected by the sandbox environment.

For SagePay Sandbox credit cards, below is a list of card details that can be used to test your account and allow successful transactions to be processed. Each card number will provide you with a different result when processing a transaction to ensure your website can handle all possible responses from our system. Along with the different 3D Secure results each card type will return you are also able to test cards issued from multiple countries.

CardCard NumberCardType Response from Sage Pay3D Secure Response from Sage PayCV2 Value
VISA4929 0000 0000 6VISAY123
VISA4929 0000 0555 9VISAN123
VISA4929 0000 0001 4VISAU123
VISA4929 0000 0002 2VISAE123
VISA Corporate4484 0000 0000 2VISAN123
VISA Debit4462 0000 0000 0003DELTAY123
VISA Electron4917 3000 0000 0008UKEY123
MasterCard5404 0000 0000 0001MCY123
MasterCard5404 0000 0000 0043MCN123
MasterCard5404 0000 0000 0084MCU123
MasterCard5404 0000 0000 0068MCE123
Debit MasterCard5573 4700 0000 0001MCDEBITY123
Maestro (UK Issued)6759 0000 0000 5MAESTROY123
Maestro (German Issued)6705 0000 0000 8MAESTROY123
Maestro (Irish Issued)6777 0000 0000 7MAESTROY123
Maestro (Spanish Issued)6766 0000 0000 0MAESTROY123
American Express3742 0000 0000 004AMEXN/A1234
Diners Club/Discover3600 0000 0000 08DCN/A123
JCB3569 9900 0000 0009JCBN/A123

European Payment Types

If you have European Payment Types enabled on your Sage Pay account – giropay – sofort – iDEAL – EPS – you do not need any test details to process a transaction.

Any TEST transactions processed using these payment options will give you the option to select an outcome – succeeded, pending, failed (multiple options). The Sage Pay system will then simply simulate the response for you and provide the outcome in the post back to your platform.

Address Details

When using the test card details and processing a transaction you will be required to enter an address for the shopper.

We have assigned address details to each of the above cards that will be accepted on our test system.

When using the address details with the card details above the transactions will be able to processed successfully, along with passing both the simulated address and postcode fraud prevention checks.

Address : 88
Postcode : 412

3D Secure

The 3D Secure responses are –

  • Y – Enrolled, and will progress to the password page to complete verification.
  • N – NOT Enrolled and will return a 3DSecureStatus=NOTAVAILABLE back to your system.
  • U – Unable to verify enrollment and will return a 3DSecureStatus=NOTAVAILABLE back to your system.
  • E – Error occurred during the 3D Secure verification. This will return a 3DSecureStatus=ERROR back to your system.

Each response is to ensure your website can handle the multiple responses that are sent from Sage Pay back to your site.

When using any of the cards above for testing you will also need to enter an expiry date. Any expiry date can be accepted as long as it is in the future from the date you are processing the test transaction.

If you have 3D Secure active on your account you will also be required to enter a password to complete the process.

We have a range of passwords that can be used to test the different responses that will be sent back by 3D Secure upon completion of the verification (PaRes).

To successfully complete 3D Secure you will need to enter – password (case sensitive) on the 3D Secure page.

If you would like to test the other 3D Secure responses that can be sent you will simply need to enter :

  • A:D:06 – The Cardholder is not enrolled in the 3D Secure scheme and will return the 3DSecureStatus=ATTEMPTONLY
  • U:N:06 – The 3D Secure authentication is not available and will return the 3DSecureStatus=INCOMPLETE
  • E:N:06 – An error occurred during the 3D Secure authentication and will return the 3DSecureStatus=ERROR

By using these passwords you will be able to complete and test all other responses 3D Secure can return to you.

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