Photo Paper Size

Capture a happy moment is very easy nowadays, I think more than 90% of people in the world always carry a smartphone within their hands. A smartphone now equipped with high resolution camera and we can use it very easy without too much hassle.

Even most of the photos will remain on the digital media, but sometimes we want to print special moments and put it on the wall. To get the printed photo fit to photo frame available on the market, we need to resize the photo to the common photo frame size. A list below can be your guidance about the size of the photo you have to print. Remember to keep the resolution at least 150dpi to get a sharp quality photos.

3R8,89 x 12,7 cm3,5 x 5 inch
4R10,16 x 15,24 cm4 x 6 inch
5R12,7 x 17,78 cm5 x 7 inch
8R20,32 x 25,4 cm8 x 10 inch
10R25,4 x 30,48 cm10 x 12 inch
12R30,48 x 39,37 cm12 x 15,5 inch
16R40,64 x 50,8 cm16 x 20 inch
20R50,8 x 60,96 cm20 x 24 inch
24R60,96 x 80 cm24 x 31,5 inch
30R75 x 100 cm30 x 40 inchi
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